Animal House

OK dads, did you have a busy week, or even worse? Have you been too busy to have a little fun with your kids? Well I have a quick game you can play with them. Very little cost, and the prep time is even more of the fun.

Get yourself some 3×5 cards and anything to draw and color with. The more kids you have, the better! Pass out an equal number of cards to each child. Have them draw and color a different animal on each card. To keep the older, smarter ones from taking the easy way out, make them color the entire card. No words allowed, BTW.

Collect all the cards and shuffle them around.

Line up the kids in a location where they have enough room for the next step. Now when you draw a card, all the kids must act out whatever animal they see on the card.

That’s it!

Now, for you mentoring dads, or you dads who seek to have the kind of home that all the neighborhood kids love to visit, include other kids too!

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2 thoughts on “Animal House

  1. Joshua September 23, 2011 / 8:38 am

    My older teenagers would just roll their eyes and refuse to participate but I see a great game for my cub scout group. Thanks for the game!

    • trevor September 23, 2011 / 8:55 am

      Well, I understand that older kids require a different kind of engagement. For those with teenagers and younger ones, maybe having the teenager help lead the game could help them engage.

      But I’m also glad you can use this at Scouts!

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